Matingplanes 2016

Around fall a mating with Gèdre de Bigerionnes, Neala. We allready have our eyes on an excellent candidate with good health, beauty and character. When we definitively decided we will announce our choice.

Beginning of June a mating with Giselle de Bigérionnes, Piper. We allready have our eyes on an excellent candidate with good health, character and beauty, also. When we definitively decided we will announce our choice.

Our working-method

The pups will grow up in domestic circle. This way they will be given the first start in socialization. They will meet our Ragdoll Sheamus and the other dogs, whom are part of our household and they get used to domestic noises. When the pups reach the appropriate age they will meet the world outside the house.

On the age of nine weeks they have reached the age to go to their new owners. The pup, by then, has been checked up by a Vet (patella luxation, chipped, vaccinated and de-wormed). The pup possesses an European Passport, sold under guarantee, DNA profiled and an official pedigree.

Our care for the pup does not end when it leaves our home. If desired, we are always available to give you guidance and advice!

We breed according to our vision on the breed. We aim to preserve health, character and externality of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.