News 2015

  • November 7th: Sadly, Piper will not have puppies this time.
  • October 8th: A mating took place between Firefox des Brumes de la Comtée and Multi-CH. Giselle de Bigérionnes. For more information page matings. Puppies expected around December 8th.
  • September 5th: September the first, a day of intense grief, but also of immense gratefulness. After days of tension and the absence of labor, the ultrasound that day, revealed that both puppies of Fox and Neala had passed away. Neala underwent a cesarean. Neala, fortunately, recoveres well. We are extremely grateful that we are able to hold and cuddle Neala, although the grief over losing these young lives is tremendous. 
  • June 27th : A mating took place between Firefox des Brumes de la Comtée and Gèdre de Bigérionnes. For more information page matings. Puppies expected around August 29th.
  • June 13th: World Dog Show, Milaan, judge: Blaz Kavcic (SI),
    Giselle de Bigérionnes, 2Exc championsclasse, RCACIB, for my personally Piper became reserve World Champion but this is not an official title (second best female in show).
    Gèdre de Bigerionnes, 4 Exc championclasse.
  • March 28: Luxembourg dogshow judge: Jean-Jacques Morbelli (FR), Giselle de Bigérionnes, 1Exc championclasse, CACL. She gained the point needed to become Luxembourgs Champion.
  • March 1st : Martinedogshow Groningen judge: I.Y. Onstenk-Schenk (NL) Giselle de Bigérionnes 1Exc championclasse, CAC/CACIB/BOS/Beneluxwinster NL 2015.

News 2014

  • 01-03: Show Douai (FR), Spéciale de races: judge M. Moings (FR) Giselle de Bigerionnes (Piper) 1Exc+ (open classe) CAC, BOS Gèdre de Bigerionnes (Neala) 3Exc (open classe)
  • 02-03: Show Douai (FR), judge M. Morbelli (FR) Giselle de Bigerionnes (Piper) 1Exc (open classe) CAC/CACIB/BOS Awaiting conformation International Champion. Gèdre de Bigerionnes (Neala) 2Exc (open classe)
  • 29-04: Neala and Piper PL: FREE
  • 04-05: National show CAMP-VLPB (BE), judge E. Vespa Giselle de Bigerionnes (Piper) 1Exc (championclasse), selected for Best Movement and Best Expression.
  • 07-06: Championnat de France, Angers, Judge M. Schwartz (FR) open classe femelles: 15 entered/ 14 present Giselle de Bigerionnes (Piper) 1 Exc (open classe) CAC/CACIB/BOS Piper gained her last point needed to become French Champion. Gédre de Bigerionnes (Neala) Exc (open classe), selected last five.
  • 25-10: K.C.M. N.V.L.P.H, Asperen, Nederland, judge G. Massimello (IT), 57 dogs entered. Giselle de Bigérionnes championclasse 1Exc CAC/CACIB/BOS, selected for Best Movement
    Gèdre de Bigérionnes kampioensklasse 4Exc
  • 10-11: Mating Ch. Chenespace Tarbésan x Gèdre de Bigérionnes. Sadly there will be no puppies.
  • 7-12: Dogshow Brussel (BE), judge B. Chapiro (FR), 22 dogs entered, Championsclasse 1Exc CAC/CACIB/BOS and the title: BeneluxWinster’14.
  • 13-12: Amsterdam Winner Show (NL), judge Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo (SP), 17 dogs entered, 2 absent, Giselle de Bigérionnes kampionsklasse 1Exc RCAC/RCACIB