My name is Saskia Westerink and I live together with my father, Piet Westerink, in a small city called Almelo, Netherlands. We live in a area that partly exists of pasture and a forest. A place were the dogs can play to ones heart’s content.

Our Leonberger, Anouk, died in 2001 at a respectable age of 12,5 years. After two years the desire for a dog in our lives grew. One thing was certain; it had to be a large breed again. We found all our wishes answered in the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. This started the search to find a puppy. In autumn 2005, after a lot of patience, we finally got our first Pyrenean Mountain Dog puppy. You can read more about Ebony, Cadell, Piper and Neala in Our Dogs.

Ebony Van Berringer PatousBeautifull Lowlands CadellGiselle de Bigerionnes Piperpyreneese-berghond-neala

Besides showing the dogs, which I do with great pleasure, we have decided to deepen ourselves in breeding dogs. Our most important goals are to maintain health and character without losing the exterior characteristics of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

The kennel Noble Pride exists since January 2007. The kennel name came about by my personal conception on the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. It’s a dog, that despite its size, shows a nobility. But even more striking; the pride attitude. It is saying: “I am proud to be a Pyr!” And the Pyr is quite right about that.

We are members of the Belgiam and French Pyrenean Mountain Dog Kennel clubs.